About us

The integrity of your equipment lies in our hands.

Trading in spare car parts is a business where the quality of goods and speed in execution are of great importance. AVL Krafttechnik GmbH daily creates hundreds of auto parts, so that millions of our customers do not waste their valuable time waiting for repairs.

Operation speed and efficiency is what distinguishes us from main competitors. For more than 8 years, we monitor the production of our goods from filling molds to packaging. Timely delivery is controlled by leading logisticians. We guarantee the integrity and safety of your consignment, as well as the terms of delivery.

Long experience

AVL Krafttechnik GmbH was founded in 2009 in Berlin. After all these years of work, we remain the largest manufacturer of spare car parts of European assembly for buses, trucks, trailers not only throughout Germany, but all over the World. From the day AVL Krafttechnik was opened for business, we have created auto parts of all groups, based on three main criteria: quality, efficiency, availability. All clients appreciate our competence and reliability.

A wide range of goods

Highly professional repair is a guarantee of a long service of your equipment. We offer a wide range of spare car parts, starting with motor components, and ending with technical fluids.

Here you will find a huge selection of products, namely:

  • Parts for the engine (gaskets, cylinders, pistons, cardan, etc.);
  • Steering, hydraulics, mechanisms;
  • For the brake system (shaft, ratchet, discs, pads);
  • Suspension components (bushings, shock absorbers, valves);
  • Elements of pneumatics (regulators, compressors, valves);
  • Air-cooling systems (air conditioners);
  • Filters (air, oil, fuel, water), accessories and other components.

AVL Krafttechnik GmbH is an enterprise that is growing and constantly increase its range day by day.

Stock materials

AVL Krafttechnik uses the same materials as for production of primary parts and components. Careful control and selection of supplies guarantees the usage of high-quality raw materials with high performance properties. Due to the method of production, all the details will ensure uninterrupted long running and will not falter on the way.

In addition to the material properties, we pay great attention to reliability. Therefore, AVL Krafttechnik daily provides goods that outdo on the market of spare car parts. With the assistance of an ad hoc technical control team, we constantly improve all the characteristics.

Quality control

Since its foundation, the company has become an example of the undeniable quality of products. AVL Krafttechnik GmbH has all necessary expertise to manufacture products that meet all standards and specifications. Operating only high-tech equipment, we provide full control over all stages of production. The company constantly invests in the development of technologies, the expansion of the catalog, as well as implements innovations into existing items.

All products without any exception undergo strict control. The goods are tested in accordance with the required standards. Skillful professionals, with long-term experience, examine the elements at each stage of creation. The slightest deviation from the norm during the examination is necessarily to be excluded and rejected as defective.

Effective cooperation with clients is our main goal. Therefore, we offer the goods of high quality and the service of highest level at an affordable price.

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